Premax® Beauty Collection:
the professional nail scissors for the perfect manicure.

Premax® produces high quality professional nail scissors:

Premax® nail scissors feature blades of carbon steel or stainless steel and a great variety of models and finishes – such as the Ring Lock System®
Premax® Beauty Collection – The complete catalogue of nail scissors, nail nippers, toenail nippers, nail clippers, toenail clippers, tweezers and other cutting tools for beauticians.

A huge variety of items to satisfy all users: from professional nail scissors for beauticians - assembled with the innovative Ring Lock System® - to nail scissors for daily use, featuring cheerfully coloured handles.

In fact, in addition to the Ring Lock System® nail scissors, Premax® Beauty Collection Catalogue includes cutting tools characterized by a great variety of shapes, colours and materials:
  • OPTIMA Line – top quality professional nail scissors
  • OMNIA – high quality nail scissors with an excellent quality/price ratio
  • SELF-SERVICE Line – high quality nail scissors packed in special blisters to facilitate exhibition and minimize the risk of theft.

Each line features several nail scissors collections and an incomparable range of cutting tools.
The blades of the nail scissors are made of carbon steel or stainless steel for maximum durability and reliability and they have successfully passed the tests provided by ISO.
Premax® Packaging and Display

Nail scissors display

Premax® display for nail scissors is elegant and handy.

Manicure set - nail scissors in stainless steel for the perfect manicure kit.
Nail scissors, manicure scissors, pedicure scissors
Manicure set - Ring Lock System nail scissors are available in different colors for men and women.
Nail scissors, manicure scissors, pedicure scissors
Manicure set - brightly colored handles give Premax nail scissors a very attractive look.
Nail scissors, manicure scissors, pedicure scissors
Manicure set - nail scissors heavy type.
Nail scissors, manicure scissors, pedicure scissors
Manicure set - Sinua stainless steel nail scissors.
Nail scissors, manicure scissors, pedicure scissors
Manicure set - a touch of refined elegance for these nail scissors with brushed golden handles
Nail scissors, manicure scissors, pedicure scissors

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Nail scissors for a perfect manicure.

Nail scissors are just what you need to perform a perfect manicure by yourself.
In fact, a proper nail cut is critical in a manicure - not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to safeguard your hands health. Nails that break or crumble may also be the result of using poor quality nail scissors. Let’s have a look at the right way to cure your nails.

Before actually using nail scissors, you should take care of your cuticles. First, soften them with a dedicated cream, then trim them using cuticle scissors or cuticle nippers. After cutting the cuticles, massage them with almond oil.

Now, proceed to actually cutting the nails, using best quality nail scissors. Nail scissors must be sharp, clean and without rust in order to get a straight and clean cut and to prevent infection. Hold firmly your nail scissors and proceed to cut the nail with a single movement. Note that, subsequently, the nails will be finished with an appropriate nail file, so don’t cut them too short. The nail file is necessary both to give the nail the desired shape and to eliminate any cut imperfection.

Nails, what do you know about them?

Nails are sheets of corneal substance placed on the last phalanges of hands and feet. They are made of keratin, which is a protein, plasticized by water and other substances that give it elasticity, flexibility and resistance.

The part responsible for the growth is called lunula due to its arcuate shape and its whitish colour. Nails grow from the base to the free edge for about 1 or 2 cm per month, so in about 4 months the nail gets completely renewd.